IBM Hursley Retirees Club

Covid-19: July 2020 update

This is second of a series of newsletters where we will update you on plans for trips in 2020.

This note updates you on plans for trips in 2020, as promised in the May Newsletter. When the Coronavirus crisis started, your committee originally cancelled everything up to the end of July, but it is now clear that we were over-optimistic.  We are conscious that many of our members are vulnerable to Covid-19, and the risk of a second wave remains high.

Your committee continues to meet on Zoom whenever necessary to update our plans for future trips. We have had to accept that coach trips are unlikely to be possible in 2020.  We have therefore cancelled or postponed all trips that depend on coach travel.  IBM requires us to get refunds for anything we can, which limits which trips can be carried over to a 2021 date without rebooking.

Those who attended the AGM in March will know that there was a large programme of trips planned, and the list below shows what is being done about them. The Clubhouse lunches are not listed, but it is likely that the Clubhouse will have insufficient space when it reopens, so those events too will need to be arranged for 2021.

Some of the venues we hoped to visit will be opening, so you could choose to go to country houses, or Stansted Park, or Longleat under your own steam if you wish.

Planned Date Trip Comments
2Q 2020 Several Theatre trips All cancelled: theatres closed
12 May Leonardslee Gardens To be rearranged in 2021
5 June Stansted Garden Show and House tour Trip Postponed to 11 June 2021. (2020 show will run to 4-6 Sept; House closed.)
7 July Wilton House & Salisbury To be rearranged in 2021
10 July Goodwood Festival of Speed Cancelled by venue. To be considered for 2021
29 July Highgrove lunch & tour We will try to book in 2021
4 Aug Hovercraft Day Rescheduled for August 2021.
11 Aug Hollycombe Steam To be rearranged in 2021
25 Aug Thames River Cruise To be rearranged in 2021
8 Sept Dorchester+Lyme Regis To be rearranged in 2021
24 Jun,14 Sept Sussex Mystery Tour To be rearranged in 2021
15 Oct Stourhead (NT) To be rearranged in 2021
22 Oct South Kensington To be rearranged in 2021
9 Nov Kempton Park Races Candidate trip for 2021
19 Nov Maids of Honour tearoom and National Archives To be rearranged in 2021
21 Nov Merlin (Mayflower) Ballet Cancelled by theatre
9 Dec Longleat Festival of lights Postponed to 2021 (though venue might be open)
16 Dec The Drifters Girl, Garrick Theatre, London Cancelled. (Even if theatre is functioning, we can't send a coach.)

We will be keeping track of theatrical events in 2021, including any deferred from this year.  If you want us to consider trips to other places in 2021, please let us have your suggestions.

All members of the committee hope you are keeping safe and well. Eric Bodger Chairman

Eric Bodger Chairman

Draft (unapproved) minutes from our 2020 AGM and Pension Briefing

The minutes from our AGM held on the 3rd March 2020 are available here.

Approval for these minutes will be sought at our 2021 AGM.

Hursley Club Membership

As from January 2020, there will be an annual fee of £20 (per family) for retirees to continue their membership of the IBM Hursley Club.  This allows full use of the club facilities and the bar.

Application forms are available from the Club Office.

Emergency Mobile Phone Number: 07505-094887

We have a dedicated mobile phone that will be taken on all trips for emergency usage.

If you need to cancel your place on any future trip at the very last minute (prior to departure on the day of the trip) send a text or call 07505-094887 - giving your name and number of places.

Please also call 07505-094887 if an emergency arises during the trip, or if for any reason, you are unable to make it back to the coach pickup point for the departure time.

Please contact Beth Roberts if you need to cancel your place prior to the day of the trip.

The committee would like to remind everyone that, because IBM financially supports our activities, each trip should have THE RETIREE on the trip.  There can be no exceptions for “Limited Number” trips, unless there are spare seats available.

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