Hursley IBM Retirees’ Club

Independence day - 1st October 2022!

Thank you to the 365 people who have already responded to our request that you consent to staying in the Club when it become independent of IBM on 1st October 2022.

If you have not yet responded, and wish to attend future events, please email to say that you consent to our retaining the personal information needed to keep you as a member of the Club and entitled to go on trips.  We need this because IBM's GDPR registration will no longer apply.

No more trip invitations will be sent to those who have not consented to remain.

Eric Bodger, Chair

New Leavers

If you are someone who has been a Hursley employee for ten years or more, you are entitled to join the Hursley IBM Retirees’ Club as soon as you reach minimum retirement age - you don’t have to be drawing your pension. To join, send a request to to say that you consent to our retaining the personal information needed to add you as a new member

Hursley IBM Retirees’ Club AGM, Monday 13th March 2023 at 2pm
The Minutes of the this meeting, are available here.  Approval of these minutes will be sought at the 2024 AGM.

Hursley Sports and Social Club Membership

As from January 2023, there is an annual fee of £50 (plus £10 for family membership) for all members including retirees to continue their membership of the Hursley Sports and Social Club.  This allows full use of the club facilities and the bar (and now confers voting rights at their AGM).  Membership also entitles you to a 15% discount on food and drink purchases at the bar

Application forms are available from the Club Office.

Retiree Information

To ensure continuity of receipt of trip information, please remember to advise of any change in your email address.

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