Hursley IBM Retirees’ Club

Deaths during 2022/2023

We have been advised by Pensions Services of the following deaths during 2022/2023:

Robert Parker14/01/22
John Edwards26/01/22
Elizabeth White23/02/22
Colin Stephens13/03/22
Kenneth Fonteneau22/03/22
John Axford23/03/22
Ruby Hill16/04/22
Kenneth Ratcliffe19/04/22
Neil Willey20/04/22
Dave Burdett15/05/22
Graeme Pratt(*)
Harry Keeling06/01/23
Madeleine Henry(*)
Derek E Martin12/06/23
Roger Marlow08/07/23

(*) - Unfortunately the company no longer informs us of the deaths of our fellow retirees! 

(Please note that IBM Pensions are now handled by XPS Pensions group:)

In the event of the death of a Retiree Club member, the family should contact the IBM Plans, XPS Pensions Group by telephone on: 0118 214 3056, or by email to: or by letter to:

IBM Plans, XPS Pensions Group
Office 48, Pure Offices
One Port Way
Port Solent
Hampshire, PO6 4TY

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