Hursley IBM Retirees’ Club

Deaths during 2021/2022

We have been advised by Pensions Services of the following deaths during 2021/2022:

Albert Patten01/05/21
Howard M Brown(*)
Peter Finn(*)
Edward H Griffiths(*)
Arthur S Jones(*)
Sue Barr(*)
June A Smith(*)
Hazel Chittleburgh(*)
Bob Kenworthy14/05/21
Stan Partner(*)
Michael Davies(*)
Elizabeth Foster(*)
R W Gibson(*)
Charles Wilson(*)
Christopher Paradine(*)
John Phyall(*)
Bryan Roberts(*)
George Tusa(*)
Terry Cowling23/10/21
Andrew Krasun24/10/21
David Gray02/11/21
William Maughan04/11/21
Cheri Case07/11/21
David Howard07/11/21
Michael Curtis12/11/21
Gordon Bonsall(*)
Piers Cullen(*)
Colin Hudson(*)
Linda King(/Taylor)29/09/21
Kevin Hitchings08/10/21
Peter Odell24/10/21
Geoffrey Pothecary27/10/21
Paul Pengelly(*)
John Young(*)
Tony Webber(*)
Andrew Paton07/11/21
Philip Vining18/11/21
Anthony Driver20/11/21
Thomas Mounsey24/11/21
Margaret White26/11/21
Brian Heasman28/11/21
Robert Sharpe02/12/21
Martin Hughes09/12/21
David Dawson10/12/21
Frances Wild13/12/21
Daniel Matthew (Matt) Taub19/12/21
Barry Ennever22/12/21
Nita Baker03/01/22
Ronald Lewis04/01/22
Antony (Tony) Proudman05/01/22
Roger T Clark19/01/22
William Jones19/01/22
John F Bayes07/03/22

(*) - Please note that unfortunately we have not been reliably informed of the dates of death!  However a Google of a persons name plus the word death or obituary will often yield a reference to an appropriate obituary in a local publication.

(Please note that IBM Pensions are now handled by XPS Pensions group:)

In the event of the death of a Retiree Club member, the family should contact the IBM Plans, XPS Pensions Group by telephone on: 0118 214 3056, or by email to: or by letter to:

IBM Plans, XPS Pensions Group
Office 48, Pure Offices
One Port Way
Port Solent
Hampshire, PO6 4TY

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